Themed session – Leadership

Transforming the user experience – how the right learning experience increased IPA’s ratings whilst saving money and time

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Session description:

The IPA is widely recognised as the world’s most influential professional body for advertising and marketing communications, and it offers a range of courses and qualifications, which are the global standard for learning and development in the advertising industry. Like many organisations however, the growth of technology and user expectations had outpaced the platform used to deliver them. In order to retain its reputation as the premier provider of CPD to the industry IPA needed to revamp, and fast. In doing so the IPA team has been freed up to spend more time working with learners and focusing on the growth and expansion of their portfolio for learners, whilst saving money and improving learner ratings. 

Join us and hear how we helped IPA transform their flagship qualifications and learner platform into an award winning user experience. 

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