Three Dreamers 

By Synergy 

Once upon a time, in a land very close to home, there lived three dreamers. Here is a story of how Synergy made their dreams come true, by providing innovative digital and print marketing solutions. 


The first dreamer wanted to increase revenue from their training courses and uplift learner engagement.   

The Problem: 

Digital Sea are an online training company who specialise in bespoke online photography, writing and art courses as well as other learning solutions. Started over ten years ago this digital-first business enjoyed fast growth due the unique nature of their offering. By the time Synergy began working with them they had over 300,000 students across over 20 courses.  

However, the customer acquisition costs were expensive and there was a lot of competition coming into the market. Membership numbers had been static for some time and attrition was a concern. 

The Solution: 

Synergy worked with Digital Sea to develop additional revenue streams from a suite of offline products that added real value to students and gave the business additional revenue and set them apart from competitors.  

Digital Sea are a digital-first business so we looked at what we could do to help say thank you to members for their loyalty and reward them with something tangible, like a new physical membership pack and a range of merchandise and other branded products that were either included as a part of membership or sold online exclusively to members.  

Synergy also produced copies of their course books that were sold as part of the user journey, they were printed on demand to keep costs down, which also allowed for constant content updates, personalisation and flexibility 

The results: 

As a result of embracing print media despite being a digital-first company Digital Sea experienced double digit growth, a 30% increase in sales of high margin products and increased engagement with students through user groups, as well as a 20% increase in membership.  

The second dreamer wanted to help their clubs to grow and reopen safely after lockdown.    

The problem: 

The British Gymnastics is the UK National Governing Body for the sport of Gymnastics, dedicated to developing gymnasts, coaches and clubs across a range of disciplines. They were looking to looking to further enhance engagement with their 1500 clubs, 400,000 + members, as well as coaches, officials and volunteers.  

Synergy implemented their Marketing Hub solution, an online storefront that was fully branded to the British Gymnastics’ requirements and offered increased engagement opportunities as well as a range of benefits: 

  • It empowered their clubs and kept their brand safe 
  • It gave clubs immediate access to dual branded safety materials to help them reopen after the pandemic 
  • It provided “out of the box” marketing campaigns to help rebuild their business after lockdown 
  • Helped clubs gain new members and engage with old ones 
  • It freed up teams’ time to do other member-centric activities 

In addition to the storefront Synergy also provided secure warehousing, volume print, on-demand print, promotional product sourcing, branded clothing as well as pick, pack and despatch services.  

The results: 

The Marketing Hub proved to be a huge success – in the first week of launch 990 (66%) British Gymnastics Clubs registered on the site and 715 orders were placed. By week 978% of Clubs had registered and 1,185 orders had been placed. 

The third dreamer wanted to reduce their campaign spend and carbon footprint while increasing member engagement.   

The problem: 

For many years, The Chartered Governance Institute had sent their renewal packs and membership welcome packs out through the post, however in 2020 decided to look at an alternative digital solution, including a new digital membership card 

The solution: 

The Institute decided to change to Synergy’s digital membership welcome packs in the form of Personalised URLs (PURLs), which acted like a personalised microsite for that individual member, where they could access personalised content and download their digital membership card, certificate and digital pin to their device. Once created the PURLS were generated for each member and distributed via an HTML email. 

The results: 

The solution delivered a range of benefits: 

  • New digital membership card that could be saved to a mobile device 
  • Contemporary membership packs that were in line with the new branding 
  • Reduced costs and time efficiencies for the membership team  
  • Better analytics to help understand the value of the pack and what was of interest to members 
  • Going digital meant that the membership packs were content rich and more personal 
  • Allowed for the packs to be easily updated throughout the year to reflect a changing calendar and changing membership benefits