Once again chase live will deliver a jam-packed programme based around the four cornerstones of any NFP organisation’s strategy – Digital, Leadership, Culture and Innovation.


Within this theme we look at the risks, challenges and rewards digital technology and a digital strategy can bring to your organisation and the importance of making digital an essential part of your long-term business strategy.


Within this theme we explore how senior leaders can inspire and pioneer change, stand out from the crowd while ensuring staff, trustees, stakeholders and the public come along for the journey.


Innovation is today’s buzz word, but adopting new methods, processes and strategies can be difficult for a non-profit. Within this theme we look at taking risks, experimenting, driving change and moving away from ‘what we’ve always done’, in order to embrace new audiences.


Transformation is a cultural shift your employees must be engaged and involved with. This theme explores how to embed those new strategies, measure success and get the very best from your staff – they are your most valuable asset.