Themed session – Innovation

Solving the No 1 problem in digital learning – Engagement 

With over 20 years of experience we are experts at creating new commercial opportunities through digital learning solutions and engaging platforms that we co-create with our clients using tried and tested technology and CPD tools where needed.  

Come and hear what Andy Perkins, Global Director of the Kaplan Performance Academy has to say about the platform we co-created with them that launched globally in May of this year. Also, Joni Tyler is interviewed about the CPD platform we built for RIBA and Kate Cooper about the digital learning platform we built for TILM.   

Please take a look at this video to learn more about how we can help you see what you’re capable of.


Andrew Perkins, Global Director, Kaplan Performance Academy 

Andrew is Global Director of Kaplan Performance Academy. He believes that every person should be given the chance to develop both their technical and behavioural skills necessary to thrive in the workplace. His intent is to offer developmental experiences that build commercial acumen and that is role-relevant and organisationally contextualised by using appropriate diagnostics. 

He is an advocate of democratisation of learning coupled with learning governance through large scale L&D projects. As a former CEO of an FTSE training company, he re-joined Kaplan after 10 years, to head up the Kaplan’s Leadership and Professional Development unit in January 2015, after spending 10 years rebuilding and running a leadership development business.


Russell Ward, Co-founder and Director, Meta Capability  

A serial entrepreneur with extensive expertise in sales, building commercially successful models and digital learning technology.  

Over 20 years’ experience of developing digital learning platforms and 35 years of experience in every role and all aspects of sales including European Sales Director for 11 years. Created and ran a leading brand in sales transformation for 15 years whose USP was unique cloud based digital learning technology and wrote a book called High Performance Sales Strategies published by Pearson.  

One speciality is my vision and ability to read a market and see gaps and opportunities for new products. I use this skill when consulting to Membership Bodies to help them resolve the retention, engagement and growth challenges they face with their members. I also diagnose the challenges and opportunities for Corporates around their sales force no matter what size. Passionate about rugby and proud of his eldest son who played for England. His two lads of 12 and 10 are following in his footsteps. His daughter and eldest son are doing really well as sales people.