Themed session – Innovation

Sleeping beauties 

Once upon a time, in a land very close to home, there lived three dreamers. 

The first dreamer wanted to increase revenue from their training courses and uplift learner engagement. 

The second dreamer wanted to help their clubs to grow and reopen safely after lockdown.  

The third dreamer wanted to reduce their campaign spend and carbon footprint while increasing member engagement.  

Log in to our session to find out how these three sleeping beauties woke up to a world where all their dreams had come true. 


Andrew Pearce, Sales & Marketing Director, Synergy 

Andrew is passionate about helping Membership Organisations, Charities, Chartered Institutes, Royal Societies and National Governing Bodies maximise the combined power of the print and digital channels. His focus is on helping generate that desired uplift in acquisition, retention, engagement and, of course, return on campaign investment.