Lightning Sessions

Our 2020 lightning sessions are yet to be confirmed.

View the 2019 lightning sessions below.

Lightning sessions are 5-minute, quick-fire presentations meant to articulate a topic in a short, sharp, insightful, and clear manner. Speakers will not be allowed to speak a second over 5 minutes.

Watch the experts under pressure as they educate and enlighten you.  If you like what you’ve heard, there is plenty of opportunity to talk 1-2-1 with them during the course of the day.

Contact us if you are interested in delivering one of these sessions.

Why data matters – Major Donors might not be the expected prize – MultiChannel Donors are the Hidden Treasure

This session is designed to help you chart the growth of your organization  through data-based decisions. Learn from what’s worked and apply these lessons to your fundraising strategy. We’ve collected and analyzed data of the entire donor history for over 77 million donors and 224 million gift transactions. Join us to see the numbers supporting the statement that multichannel donors are your hidden treasure.


Procurement and Management of a large digital project in the non-profit sector

Pitfalls and must haves in preparing, planning, financing and running a large digital project to delivery

Delegate will hear:

  • Where to start the process
  • How to fully prepare before kick-off
  • How to get delivery

Modern CRM for Impact-first Nonprofits

Across the social sector, we’re experiencing an impact revolution fuelled by increased demand and global movements for social change. Nonprofits are embracing technology as a strategy to harness data and intelligence to maximise their organisation’s mission and tell their impact story in personal and powerful ways.

5 Tried and Tested Tips for CRM Success

Having completed over 100 successful CRM projects with non-profits, we know how to help organisations create real value through CRM.

In our lightening talk, we’ll share five key tips for setting your CRM vision, creating a data strategy, deciding upon an appropriate project approach, ensuring strong user adoption and keep up with future innovation.

Whether you’re embarking on a new CRM project or looking for some inspiration to refocus your current CRM approach, you’ll be able to take something away to apply to your own strategy.

Quick tips in reviewing editorial and content strategies

In ten minutes, Sarah Simpson from Century One Publishing (COP) will share with delegates how COP went about assessing the content from membership organisations, resulting in a complete overhaul of editorial strategy and design of their magazines, drawing real-life examples from membership bodies operating in health and science.

Data is sexy….Honestly, let me prove it!

Yeah, I said sexy. Do I have your attention now? In years to come everyone will be a data scientist – systems will allow us all to crunch and evaluate mass amounts of data at ease and very quickly. The psychology of choice teaches us that choice is an amazing thing, but given too much, it can become overwhelming. All this data means that your jobs isn’t at all easy at all, but it is up to you (the marketer) to make things easier for your customers. Getting it right means every customer, gets the right message every time across the right channels, driving optimum engagement and ROI making them feel special and you looking like a Rockstar! Now that, is sexy.

Take aways:

  • Discover why data is so important to you and your goals
  • How to make the most out of what you have
  • Practical examples for you to implement now!

The Next Generation – Delegate Experience

Looking at the Next Generation characteristics and what they expect from a conference experience or their employers. Analysing how they differ from past generations and what the future looks like for events in general.

Take aways:

  • Understanding of key characteristics of the Next Generation.
  • How to do things differently to attract this customer.
  • How to differentiate from generations past.

Data Intelligence for Impact Management & Measurement 

Cutting to the Chase: Practical Advice on Tomorrow’s Tech 

Working at multi-award-winning digital agency, Cantarus, Tom works closely with clients across membership, retail and finance to deliver outstanding results for members, customers, and businesses alike. He also leads MemConnect – the mobile app platform for membership that’s uncompromising on user experience. When not at work you’ll probably find him at breakfast, or in the kitchen…making breakfast. Ask him about mobile apps, member experience, and your next favourite recipe. 

Take aways:

  • Learn how to use the latest technology trends to drive real business change, without the resources of a global technology company, 
  • Find out what’s coming your way over the next few years, and what innovations will affect your organisation, 
  • Learn if the robots are coming to steal our jobs. 

A world where digital and print collide (to spectacular effect)

There is a place where the digital and physical worlds collide. A place where your beautiful, well crafted, timely social, email and web campaigns can be made even more spectacular. Hold onto your seats as Synergy take you on a warp speed journey to this magical place.

In this session, delegates will hear:

  • How effective use of all channels will increase campaign response and maximise their budgets
  • How digital services such as digital membership cards, PURLs and the Synergy Membership Print Cloud can enhance member, donor, volunteer and supporter engagement.

Content beyond membership

For most organisations in the membership sector, increasing members is a key strategic priority.

So their content strategies should be aligned not only to serve existing members, but also to gain new ones.

But is this happening in practice? Do people responsible for content within the organisation have the resources, budget and understanding to make this happen in reality?

To help answer these questions and gain new insight, CPL and Ashridge Communications have undertaken a research project, with the findings to be published later this year.

How can you deliver better quality products in less time?

In this talk, Kjell will share best practice examples of how organisations like Lego and Spotify, in an era of unprecedented change, are accelerating their transformation by using innovation techniques such as the Google Design Sprint. Kjell will draw on his experience of running innovation sprints for The National Trust, The World Health Organisation and NSPCC to share the best practice that leads to actionable results.

In the session delegates will hear:

  • How to deliver better quality products in less time
  • A case study example to share with colleagues
  • An understanding of when to use a Design Sprint

5 things I hear about non-profit technology that I love to hate!