Learn how you can speed up your renewals process and create an increased level of engagement

By Synergy, August 2020

In this blog chase.livestream sponsor Synergy, look at how the print and digital channels work in harmony to speed up the renewals process and increase member retention and engagement.

They give an insight into both physical and digital renewal and welcome packs.

The results

The revised renewals process sped up renewals, reduced the time spent by the teams phoning round chasing payments and increased overall renewals by 15% at a time when members were watching every penny.

The welcome packs generated an increased level of engagement over previous years, especially where the member had requested both the physical and digital packs.

An example of the engagement stats from a client’s digital pack send is below. This send followed the physical pack landing the day before.

Delivery statistics

Sent                      151,762

Delivered            142,438              94.50%

Opened                101,262               78.7%

Clicked                 40,757                34.4%

Another client just sent a digital pack and got a 68% open rate with 45% click through to their membership area.

The ask

These asks were set against the backdrop of the Covid-19 lockdown period from late February to August 2020. Naturally, it was a sensitive time for renewals and membership communications in general.

Some of our membership sector clients came to us looking for ideas around:

  1. How they could make their renewals communications more effective

Specifically because:

  • The time between the members’ renewal date and them actually paying was getting longer.
  • It was taking more resource and time to get the payments in.
  1. How they could make their membership welcome packs be more engaging, dynamic and content rich

Specifically because:

  • They wanted to increase the instances of members having their membership cards with them.
  • They want to change the content of the packs throughout the year to reflect seasonal events and new membership benefits.

The solution

Renewals packs

For the renewals pack process we suggested a three-stage approach over the period

Stage 1 – Email

Using a standard HTML email with personalised attachments, such as a DD Mandates. There were a variety of message variants to cover DD and Non DD payers and a variety of texts to reflect the different membership levels.  Within the email body there could be links to the client’s payment gateways.

Stage 2 – Printed pack

A printed renewals pack was sent to those that hadn’t renewed after an agreed period following stage 1. There were a number of pack and messaging variants to cover DD and non-DD payers as well as the different membership levels. The packs were a ‘white paper solution’; white paper into the press, completely personalised message for the member out.

Stage 3 – Email

A repeat of stage 1 above. The email send only going to those who hadn’t renewed as a result of the first 2 stages.

 Welcome packs

Once those lovely members have renewed (we knew they would, didn’t we!) our clients gave them the options to have a printed welcome pack, a digital welcome pack or both.

The creative and messaging was aligned across the two channels.

The digital welcome pack

These were distributed by us using an HTML email which included a link to a Personalised URL (PURL),  an example can be seen in Image 1 above. PURLs can be regarded as a personalised microsite for that individual member.

The PURL contained any content our clients wanted and, contained within that content, their members were able to download a variety of items to their devices. These include their digital membership card, membership certificate and digital pin. See image 3 below.

The content of the PURL can be updated easily to reflect any seasonal activity you may want to promote. For example forthcoming events, special offers or a particular member benefit. It can also add value to your sponsor and partner packages by giving them advertising space.

The physical welcome pack

There were a number of physical pack variants to cover the different membership types and levels. Depending on our clients’ requirements these packs could contain membership cards, certificates or lapel badges, or all three.

The packs were completely personalised to the member bringing in different images and text to reflect the different membership types. This was done, using the ‘white paper solution’ as mentioned above.

The membership cards were produced on sustainable products such as board or recycled plastic. They were completely personalised to the individual member and could be enabled with RFID or NFC tech. This tech could be used in any number of ways, for instance; to allow the member entry to members only areas, gather loyalty point or protect their credit cards from skimmers!

The certificates were printed on a variety of materials with finishes such as embossing, holograms and hot foil.  Depending on their size and the requirements of the member they were sent out in board backed envelopes, postal tubes or completely framed and wrapped in bubble wrap.

The timings

If the member requested a physical and a digital pack the digital pack would usually be emailed the day after the physical pack landed.

What next?

Rush along to our TED Talk at chase.livestream, 10.50- 11.10am on 8th September. Or visit our ‘Ask the expert’ hub on the 8th, 9th and 10th September.

Alternatively, for an informal one-to-one chat about your 2020/2021 renewals and welcome packs email andrew@synergy-print.co.uk or call him on 07572 248939