Themed session – Digital

How to retain and engage your members through Online Communities 

UK associations, unions, membership bodies and not-for-profit organisations are increasingly looking to use technology to drive member engagement and retention whilst extending reach and reducing costs. This drive towards greater digital engagement started well before, but was certainly accelerated by the stark realities forced upon everyone by the coronavirus pandemic.  

There is no more effective, low-cost and fast-to-market method to generate organisation-to-member and member-to-member digital engagement than the provision of online communities. Such communities build a valuable emotional attachment to membership as well as adding huge utility and objective member value. 

You may ask yourself, how do I build an online community successfully? What do online community platforms offer? Or the classic, what’s the difference between a forum and a community? Is Facebook Groups or LinkedIn the way to go? We’ve tried this kind of thing in the past with limited success, what is different here? 

Where to begin? Right here. Mark Eichler, Principal Consultant at Cantarus, spent the decade before joining us helping to build a leading US membership community platform used by over 1,000 membership bodies around the world. Learn how his expertise has helped us perfect an approach to deliver highly successful, CRM-integrated online community projects within just four weeks and at low cost. You don’t want to miss this session! 


Mark Eichler, Principal Consultant, Cantarus 

With 20 years’ experience in the membership sector under his belt, Mark joined the Cantarus team in 2019. Mark has extensive knowledge and experience in building and launching online communities for membership organisations and businesses around the globe, offering clients superior guidance and expertise on digital strategy, online community and beyond.