Themed session – Leadership

How do you digitally transform your non-profit for the Covid-19 era? 

How are non-profits transforming themselves to respond to the Covid-19 era? Learn the mindsets and strategies applied by some of the oldest, and most traditional, non-profits that are universally applicable to your organisation’s evolution in this transient age.


Santosh Carvalho, Innovation Senior Manager, Salesforce 

Supporting and guiding nonprofits and education institutions on their journey to embrace innovation and fundamentally transform their organisations through digital capabilities.

10+ years experience in guiding senior executives in large enterprises in the UK, Australia and New Zealand execute their digital transformation agenda by helping them research, design and experiment with their customer and employee experiences.

Passionate believer in volunteering to improve the societies we live in. Providing legal recourse for disadvantaged citizens in my local community and raising awareness of the plight of refugees in Western Europe are some of the causes that I am passionate about.