How do we rebuild our sector for the better

By Manifesto, August 2020

2020 has certainly been an unexpected year for us all, there isn’t anyone or anything that hasn’t been affected by the pandemic. We know this has been challenging for lots of organisations, and no more so than those in the not for profit sector.

Not only were marketing and fundraising plans affected, but service and programme delivery on the front line was a key part of the UK’s response to Covid-19. All whilst navigating complex decision making responsibilities and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their staff remained a priority.

Following the launch of our Deciding Effectively whitepaper, we’ll be exploring different decision making approaches, from cognitive bias and group influencing, to creating a culture of diverse and inclusive decisions. We will discuss what the decision making experience was like for our sector, looking closely into what life was like at The British Red Cross.

Kerry Blackstock, Director of Supporter Marketing and Engagement joined the British Red Cross in January 2020. As a vital part of the country’s front line response for services and volunteer mobilisation, they have never been more vital.

She’ll share their decision making journey, keeping their team and purpose at the core, and ensuring they continued to have maximum impact.

In Kerry’s words, “The British Red Cross truly represents the best of humanity” and their work (and not for profits), have never been more needed as we rebuild our society and lives.

Whilst we reflect on the journey so far, we’ll also be talking about how we rebuild the sector, taking on board the valuable learning’s, challenges and opportunities 2020 has given us. We need to make sure that effective decision making works not only for today, but sets us up for success, and thriving beyond 2020.

If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, then this session is for you:

  • Did we make the right decisions for our organisation during the pandemic?
  • What is our decision making culture?
  • Do we have diverse voices included in our decision making?
  • How do we set ourselves up for deciding the right direction for our organisation?
  • Is this a time for a radical rethink?
  • How do we decide what we focus on, with less resources?

Join Louise Lai, Transformation Director at Manifesto, and Kerry Blackstock, Director of Supporter Marketing and Engagement at The British Red Cross for this TED style talk on Wednesday 9th of August at 10:30am.

Manifesto will also be sharing a library of free resources to help your organisation adapt for the future in their Glisser content hub.