Themed session – Innovation

Future-proofing your payments: Hear how we helped BACP grow their membership applications by 50%

We explore how non-profits can increase their payment success rate, preparing them for the future by modernising their payment stack.  Attendees will learn how they can save time and costs while increasing sign-up.

Plus, you will hear:

  • How not being AUDDIS-ready could be limiting your success without you even knowing it – and what you can do to fix this
  • The benefits of moving from paper-based to paper-free
  • Examples of how your organisation can build powerful payment pages and automate operations using API


Kathryn Wroe,  National Sales Director, SmartDebit  

Kathryn joined SmartDebit in 2013, as a Customer Account Executive before moving into the sales team to tackle account management. After successfully progressing through several senior Account Management positions, building out a team of high performing account managers and delivering transformative change to the sales function she became National Sales Manager in 2020.

With a track record of supporting complex customer needs for over 12 years, Kathryn brings a wealth of cross-sector experience to payment project management, migration and onboarding. Her close working relationship and interaction with customers from organisations of all sizes perfectly positions her to help navigate the noise to find success for our clients.

Henry Knight – Head of Product and UX, SmartDebit

Henry Knight is the Head of Product and UX at SmartDebit. Henry is an experienced and passionate advocate of user-centred design, Lean UX and Agile Development practices, with a background in R&D and Innovation in roles where he helped to develop AI and automation products.

Henry is currently involved in the proposition advisory group for Pay.UK who are leading the work in rolling out the New Payments Architecture, while continuing the ongoing evolution of SmartDebit’s next generation payment platform Pulse.

Jo Owen – Business Analyst/ Project Coordinator, BACP

Jo Owen is a Business Analyst at the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), working across the business to understand business challenges and improvements.

Jo’s twenty years’ experience in Programme Management Offices and project delivery led to a passion for managing change and transformation into businesses that delivers real value with minimal disruption to the members.

Michael Pearson – Membership Manager, BACP

Michael Pearson is responsible for both the online renewal and membership application process at the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). During the implementation phase of the project with SmartDebit, Michael led the UX testing to ensure an efficient process for users and provided crucial training to internal staff.  With over 12 years experience working in membership services at BACP Michaels passion for increasing the value for their members, he has overseen significant growth in membership applications.