Panel discussion

Fundraising in a world of continuing economic change

Many fundraising organisations have struggled in recent months and there are more difficult times ahead. Meanwhile, others have taken advantage of the current situation to push through much-needed change and are already seeing benefits. 

A clear message is that charities must adapt and adapt quickly to minimise negative consequences. It’s also clear that rapid change and adaptation will become the norm for the foreseeable future. 

Charities are asking: how do we adapt to continual change, what change is required now and of course, how to foot the bill when money is already tight? 

In this panel discussion we will examine these questions and seek some practical answers. 


  • Joe Jenkins, Director of Fundraising & Supporter Engagement, The Children’s Society
  • Jenny Flack, Head of Community and Events Fundraising at Sense
  • Simon Givens, Head of IT, The Soil Association


Chair – Alan Perestrello of Trillium.