Themed session – Leadership

Forget digital transformation, just #BeMoreDigital 

Session description:

Digital transformation has become a widely used term that often causes confusion and panic. But it really doesn’t have to.  

Even with the pressures of a new working world, becoming a more digitally-driven organisation shouldn’t scaremonger or cause anxiety. Change will always be challenging but it should also be exciting, well planned and inclusive of those who are a part of it.  

Like many other charities, we’re also on our own digital journey and have had to rapidly change a lot of our working practices and services. In this session, we’ll discuss the key elements charities need to fully embrace a #BeMoreDigital mindset and build digital into everything you do. 

Surviving the recession: where and how to focus, invest and innovate 

Session description:

This panel discussion explored how to survive the recession – where and how to focus, invest and innovate.


Zoe Amar, Chair of The Charity Digital Code of Practice 

Jonathan Chevallier, CEO, Charity Digital

Pearl Mensah, Director of Membership and Professional Standards, Royal Aeronautical Society

Katie Boswell, Associate Director (Strategy & Leadership) at New Philanthropy Capital

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