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How to Use Data to Keep (and GROW) Your Members and Donors in a Changing Economy 

It’s undeniable, 2020 has already been a memorable year—One of constant adaptation and change. The last thing your organisation wants to endure is dwindling engagement with your supporters, donors, and members – your core audience.  

Understanding the needs of your members and supporters is essential to surviving and thriving in this changing economy. You likely already have the information you need, but are you using it? The key lives within your data.  

We’ll discuss how the “Data Driven Organisation” can use quality analysable data as a requirement in system selection and how the data you hold can be used to improve and personalise day-to-day interactions and critical touchpoints. 



Jeremy Wilson, Managing Director, C Systems Global  

Managing DirectorJeremy Wilson has worked in information technology for over 20 years with more than a decade specialising in iMIS, serving as an Authorised iMIS Consultant for some of the largest associations and nonprofit organisations in the UK and US.Jeremy has a diverse background in product development, project management, and client services and is the driving force behind C Systems Global, UK. His in-depth experience and technical expertise bring our UK and European clients the unparalleled client service and depth of consulting services for which C Systems is renowned.