Culture: pillar or barrier in Digital Transformation?

Your organisation’s culture and any digital transformation programme have a big effect on each other.  What can you do to ensure these effects are positive in both directions?

The Institute of Fundraising is working with smartimpact on a major transformation across the entire organisation.  Join this informative interview where Alex and Ahmed will be discussing what drives organisations to change, how to prepare, what does change include, and what can stop it happening.  Subjects will include:

  • What are the internal and external drivers to a transformation programme?
  • Do you have a Member- and Supporter-centric culture?
  • How big a project is Culture Change? Is everyone on board?
  • The tech makes you better, right?

This session will be relevant to leaders in charities and membership bodies who want to learn more about how digital transformation is not just about technology.

Take aways:

  • How to identify good, and not-so-good, reasons for digital transformation
  • How to tell how prepared you are, and what to do about it
  • How to create an enthusiastic change culture