9th September – 09:15

Creating resilient organisations

Leadership can be lonely, especially if you feel you are holding an organisation together. This session explores how we can create a culture where people can thrive and innovate – and the conditions we can intentionally create that give the clarity, confidence and connection that are at the heart of resilient organisations.

Keynote speaker

Sacha Romanovitch, Chief Executive Officer, Fair4All Finance

Sacha Romanovitch became the first female leader of a major accounting firm when she was appointed CEO of Grant Thornton UK and a member of the global board. A radical thinker and leader, her time in charge was marked by concerted efforts to change the organisation into a modern, progressive business typified by diversity, responsibility, personal development, openness and collaboration. 

Within a decade of joining Grant Thornton UK, she became a Partner and, having been a passionate exponent of the value and importance of developing talent, became the first member of the board directly responsible for People and Culture. 

Sacha sought to break down barriers in an organisation, and the wider professional services sector, that often resisted change. Key to her work was understanding the values and purpose of a business and its people. By engaging with everyone and offering them the chance to develop, even those who are apparently closed to change can be persuaded. Sacha’s leadership saw Grant Thornton embrace a culture of shared enterprise and profit with purpose.  

Sacha currently serves as CEO of Fair4All Finance, an organisation that seeks to improve the financial wellbeing and security of vulnerable people. She is also co-chair of the Inclusive Economy Partnership, a Government-convened Partnership that focuses on the areas of mental health, transition to work, and financial inclusion, and seeks to bring together business, society and politicians to engender change. She is also on the board of London and Partners, which works with the Mayor of London’s office to promote London internationally.