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BeyondAutism – why our leadership team is coming to chase live

Leadership teams need time out to reflect, to plan and to learn from their peers. chase live offers the opportunity for organisations to take this essential timeout, free of charge, in a fantastic venue. It’s the chance to learn from inspirational speakers, sector experts and leaders from across the non-profit sector.

Tracie Linehan, CEO of BeyondAutism, explains why she is bringing her leadership team to The Brewery on 4th July to attend chase live.

Tell me a little about BeyondAutism?

BeyondAutism’s mission is to empower people with autism, to support their families and to help young adults with autism launch their lives. Our aspirational goal is to be the go-to service provider for outstanding Applied Behaviour Analysis/Verbal Behaviour provision, information, training and research. Key facts – In its 19th year – Over 170 staff and a turnover over £5million – Provides services to pre-school, school age and Post-19 young adults – Also offers a range of outreach and training support for children in other schools.

Who’s coming from your team?
I’m coming and I’m bringing several colleagues from our leadership team, including:

  • Allyn Zulver, Finance Director
  • Mike Calver, Head of Donor Engagement
  • Lucy Christie, Marketing & Communications Manager
  • Leanne Maggs, Marketing & Communications Manager

What are you trying to achieve and what are the main challenges for your organisation right now?
Ultimately, it’s all about reach. We are a London-based organisation, now offering support nationally and we want to build on this.

We want to reach and support as many children and young adults as we can – building our national presence will enable this and also provide greater opportunities for partnership working. It will also create more opportunities to help young adults find employment.

The challenge is – how do we grow and further develop that national reach? This is a key part of our future strategy and it’s why we are all coming. It’s a really exciting time for BeyondAutism; we want to learn from others about how they have developed their organisations.

Why do you think it’s important for your entire team/leadership team to attend an event like www.chase.live?
More than anything it’s the breadth of what’s on offer. It’s great to effectively have someone else facilitate a learning day for our whole leadership team, as we plan our five-year strategy. It’s the chance to hear different perspectives, together as a leadership team.

And what are you hoping to learn from chase live?
In the last three half years, we’ve grown from being one school to five substantial services – how have other organisations taken that step to build a national presence? We want to learn from other organisations – how they have managed risk, what are the pitfalls we need to watch out for and what can we learn from their journeys?

Which speaker are you most looking forward to hearing?
To be honest, it’s not one speaker, but it’s the interesting mix that appealed to us. We will get to hear the experiences from other leaders – some may be from similar organisations, others may be different and operating on a larger scale. But there’s still lots we can learn!

chase live has four themes – culture, digital, innovation and leadership – will your team stick together or try and attend everything?
As we plan our future strategy, one of the key things for us is how do we align our digital and business strategy?

Also, whilst we always try to innovate and have a development pipeline, how do we create more space for new ideas and genuinely innovate, not just evolve? How do we turn these ideas into impact?

There’s lots to choose from at www.chase.live, so we will carefully review the programme before we attend – we will split up to cover lots of sessions, but we are also keen to hear things as a team so we can discuss later. We may have to pair up to cover more ground so we will be choosing wisely!

Who’s your fantasy speaker for our future events?
It’s not about the big names – it’s about hearing from leaders like us and how they have tackled real challenges so we can learn from this. And that’s why we are coming to chase live.