Lightning talk

ASTRiiD - changing lives with the help of Salesforce 

ASTRiiD’s mission is to help people with long term illnesses and conditions find meaningful work. The charity was founded by David Shutts OBE following his cancer diagnosis, just 10 days after his 50th birthday. ASTRiiD collects meaningful data but they did not have the capabilities and processes in place to be able to manipulate that data and use it in the most effective way.  

In order to overcome such challenges and drive their mission forward ASTRiiD partnered with 4C4U, a dedicated Nonprofit and Higher Education consultancy team at 4C-  a Salesforce Platinum Partner.   

Join Steve, ASTRiD’s CEO and Matt, Head of 4C4U as they share the amazing journey that ASTRiiD has been on utilising Salesforce Partnered solutions to maximise their impact and truly change lives!   


Steve Shutts, CEO, ASTRiiD 

With a career spanning blue-chip brands, fast growth start-ups and a high-profile charity, Steve has a wealth of expertise in the disciplines of marketing, business consultancy and people management. In 2018, Steve joined the charity founded by his brother, Astriid (Available Skills for Training, Refreshing, Improvement, Innovation and Development). As CEO, Steve’s main roles include driving the charity’s membership through message amplification while forging relationships with like-minded ambassadors and charity partners.


Matthew Early, Head of 4C4U 

Matt joined 4C,  a  UK Platinum Salesforce Partner, this year- bringing extensive experience within the non profit higher education space across the US and Europe. Matt’s role within 4C4U involves leading non profit and education consulting and project teams enabling the mission of improving lives. A main purpose of Matt’s role is establishing strategic partnerships with non profit organisations and educational institutions to create a path forward reaching unique digital transformational goals.