Themed session – Digital

Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?   

February 2020. The world has been happening to you at a rate of 90% of the same, with around 10% of difference, for decades.  

Then March happened — but you can handle that. Your organisation has structure, you’ve got operational abilities, you’ve got group technologies and ways-of-doing-things. It’s business as usual(ish), but remotely, right? 

The ways-of-doing things were set-up for large groups sat in close proximity — you’ve already made the 10% change to enable remote working. Well done! But what do you need to do to rethink how-things-are-done for your organisation now? How can your tech support the next move into the future — and how can you be ready for that 10% change plus a zombie attack?  

It’s time to regain your readiness. 


Gez O’Brien, Strategy and Creative Director, Stardotstar 

I founded a digital agency Stardotstar that did delightfully different work for 20 years.

I’m now using my experience and knowledge to help clients think differently about what they do and how they meet their customers, users, members and patients changing needs — as part of a much bigger group at CTI Digital.