Lightning talk

Are you looking for a technology supplier or a technology partner? 

Investing in new digital solutions can be an expensive and risky initiative, although the potential benefits can make it worthwhile. Key to your success is the organisation you select to work with you on your technology change programme, but what kind of relationship works best, are you looking for a partner or for a supplier? 

At Hart Square we are continually reviewing the way we describe and interact with the organisations that deliver products and services to our clients – but do we get it right? How has the relationship evolved? What can go wrong and how can we avoid that happening? 

Rhys Evans, Head of Technology and Services, talks through the challenges of day to day interactions and how we aspire to build relationships that empower the organisations we work in the not-for-profit sector. 


Rhys Evans, Head of Technology and Services, Hart Square

Rhys’s background was initially developing Case Management software for the legal sector, which was used by a selection of the top 100 legal firms in the UK.

Then followed a move into the non-profit sector, spending 5 years as Head of ICT at the Football Foundation, the UK’s largest Sports Charity, where he completed a full replacement of their Infrastructure, Grant management, Finance and Digital solutions. Following that, Rhys spent a year in Ghana working with Christian Aid on an organic fruit and vegetable value chain project. Rhys has also delivered a range of projects for the British Museum, where he was part of the team that completed and opened the World Conservation and Exhibition Centre.

Since joining Hart Square in 2014, Rhys has had the privilege to deliver technology projects with clients such as UNISON, UK Theatre, Society of London Theatre, MIND, Public Health Dorset, the Royal Society of Medicine, Cycling UK and the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.