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All teched up but nowhere to go?  

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Session description:

(Why technology alone won’t secure your digital fundraising future) 

Are you down on donations? This is practically a rhetorical question right now; a recent poll* showed that the number of people currently giving to charity is the lowest in a decade (unless you are beneficiary of Captain Tom…). 

No charity was fully prepared for the impact of Covid-19. However, those that have proved most resilient are those with the strongest stakeholder digital engagement. 

The Soil association is the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. In this session, Simon will share how their approach to digital had enabled them to combat the impact of Covid-19.  

But this is not a Covid-19 story. Simon will be focusing on what he believes to be key to their ability to respond and why investing in technology alone won’t prepare you for the future. 

You’ll hear how The Soil Association: 

  • were able to mobilise themselves in an agile manner to respond to the crisis as an employer, a charity and a business. 
  • create and maintain a culture that enables digital engagement across all key stakeholders (staff, donors, and customers) 
  • plan to secure their future through ongoing refinements and new ideas 

*civil society 

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